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GTA San Andreas Myths N' Legends

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  • 8 months later...

Hey guys.. i noticed something

weird.. I hope i am not late..

when i was around the san

fierro airport.. i saw a black

winged like structure.. it was

like a human kinda

it looked like flew.. after

sometime i flew towards it with

my jet pack.. that thing flew.

and flew really very fast

towards the desert.. after some

days i saw on youtube a video

about a thing called MOTHMAN

guess that was the thing..

Somedays later i saw

something in the woods.. it

was like running.. i cant

describe that..


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Hey guys here we can discuss about Gta san an All the myths and mstrys to be solved.. We can hunt out a number of things. Please If you have any, Post your Pictures here. We can discuss a number of things too

Warning the pictures should not be Editted In any way. No Mods should be Used.


Not many people still play San Andreas anymore. Pretty much all of the myths have been explored and deemed true or.. myth. This is a slower message board, so be patient, post elsewhere (GTAV is soon!) and another person will come along and post.

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I still play SA regularly, but my "myth hunting" is largely over because I've already seen the alien disguised as an Indian guy, the trench coat guy, and all of the other strange sights (bio well, wheelchair on the dock, blue-lighted windows on the survivalist farm, etc). But I doubt myth hunters will be left with nothing to do when GTA V drops, as I expect stories of monsters, aliens, serial killers, cannibals, and so on, to spring up quickly.


Although in retrospect, serial killers and cannibals are a likely occurrence in GTA V considering the latter's presence in Redemption, and I can't help but think it would be cool to have Bigfoot in the game with a 1-in-200 or something chance of spawning in the wilderness.

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