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GTA: San Andreas Coming to PSN Store This Week

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IPB ImageSony's official US PlayStation blog has confirmed that GTA: San Andreas will be coming to the PSN Store this week, following the news in October when we discovered that the ESRB had rated the game for PS3. The US PlayStation Store receives its updates on Tuesday while the European and Asian stores will get it on Wednesday. We expect the price to be $9.99 as we've seen with GTA III, though this has not been confirmed.

Like GTA III, San Andreas is being brought to the PS3 as a PS2 Classic, meaning there are no remastered graphics or trophies or anything like that, it's a direct port. Perfect if you no longer have your PS2 copy around to play.

As of yet there is still no word on when Vice City will be released on the PS3, it was rated for the system back in January. Music licensing issues are suspected to have put a delay on getting it out, however we've since seen the game released on iOS with a few songs removed, so we can hope that these issues are all resolved now and that the game will appear soon-ish. We'll update you when we hear anything more about it.

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