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Happy New Year 2013 ...Year of GTA5!

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There is certainly an air of optimism as we ring in this new year, New Intel processors, new GPUs from AMD ATI, and Rockstar's award winning Grand Theft Auto will probably beat those by a coupla months!

I looked at Official PS magazine as well as Xbox World on newstands now with cover stories for GTA5, but of course, the press has been lagging with the recent bout of GTA info, and informing the public at large.

My own New Year's Eve was spent at work, and celebrating afterwards with some TV repair tests I had yet to get to! hahaha

Not the most fun one can have, but I didn't have a party to go to and worked late, Oh well, a day off work is celebration enough me thinks!

I hope you all survived getting roaring drunk, on the other hand. Here they gave free public transit rides for 6 hours or more. Too bad I doubt they're continuing that today!!

I'm sure Rockstar will have something like a new trailer prior to game release, or a lot more details about the actual plotting!

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