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The annual GTAF awards, if you care?

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Normally I don't use another forum to bring up issues going on elsewhere, but I was a large part of GTAForums for many a year, My award won prior (twice) was Most Improved, IIRC, this year it's a race for MOST MISSED GTAForums member, among Murdoc who was 'canned' for reasons unknown to me, Robinski, also odd to find out he's banned.. and everyone's favorite brother in arms; GTA3Freak_2001, could not be around to enjoy getting GTA 5 due to his passing. R.I.P. brother!

While I'd vote for him too because, to my knowledge, he had no mean bone in his body and yep, even accepted me via XBLive invite way, way back when!


A few others names popped up, but for those who took the vote for me, I at least want to express deep THANX!! You guys rule yourselves because you know, that forum ain't the same without me, and those who spent nearly some part of everyday on there, what's easy to miss is constant posting, though it seems the bans result from such active member base, regardless of how bad someone's input is, it seems it comes down to just lots and lots of new content posts and the staff having their hands full.


There is a group of people there who think they're better then everyone else, and I believe this is where the word COMMUNITY becomes corrupted, and it's a blight on what it means to be a GTA fan, so just remember to keep it real....keep it HUMBLE!


Again, thanks for the votes, I don't really spend time there anymore, but I pop in looking for some old-schoolers who used to attend. I always wonder what happened to you know who!

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Well, the main point in bringing it up is for any past and former, as well as current members, we all surf somewhat religiously for GTA info in general, and if they happen to take note, that's the hope. Either way, I'd still pay congratulations for those who contributed and won awards, but I would say, don't lose integrity along the way. I'm not perfect either, but it's really uplifting to find support like that

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