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Work-related issues.

Huckleberry Pie

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OK, fine, I have a short attention span and I often get distracted easily. My prob is that my employer, i.e. my brother, tends to raise his voice or yell at me for even a single trivial question or issue, and when I bring the question as to whether I can resign, it's either him that's subjecting me to drivel as to what I'm going to do afterwards, or my parents berating me for how I work.

It's hard for me to focus on one thing, but I'm trying to. It's just that I tend to be quite sensitive and get buzzed off whenever someone yells at me for any reason.


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Sherman speaks the truth.


You work for your brother? That was a bad idea to being with, let me elaborate:

To be good at your job you need to work under pressure, cause if you're too relaxed, you're not focused, and if you're not focused, you make mistakes. When someone you know well (a friend, a cousin, a brother) is your boss, you tend to feel comfortable.


Now I'm not saying you took that job expecting to do nothing and have your brother take care of you, but can you say that you didn't feel at all relaxed about it? Eve a little bit? I'd be willing to bet you were. Maybe your brother hates you, or maybe him being a little severe (like all bosses, all good bosses) hit you in the face too hard cause you weren't expecting it. My advise: find a new job, preferably one where your co-workers are complete strangers. There's a mutual respect between strangers, something that doesn't exist (or is very different) between friends or relatives. A lot of people say it's a good idea to befriend your co-workers, and I agree. But relationshipts developed within office are different than the ones developed outside.


It's a good idea to stay on good terms with your boss though it's best to avoid friendships. At the end of the day he's the guy who pays you to do shit, both of you need to remember that and friendship tends to get in the way.


As far as parents go there's really no good advise anyone can give you. You know them best, if you can't deal with them, no-one can. Me? Bout' the time I started high-school I began to learn a lesson that I only fully understood recently. Just cause parents claim they want what's best for you, doesn't mean that's always the case. At the end of the day they are just human fucking beings, and all human fucking beings are selfish, some more than others. I could elaborate this too but I really don't want to, an advise: don't take that "what the f*ck you gonna do with your life?" crap seriously, they had no more idea than you do back when they were your age, I can almost guarantee that.


There you have it, I know you probably didn't want career advice but if I were you I'd take whatever help I can get in this place :P It's a GTA fansite after all.

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I believe making friends at work is the easiest, since I'm not too dang social and never have been, the people I got to know and eventually miss are more co-workers then school chums, you might note this to be fair and accurate the older you get, but it depends on a lot of things. I love my family because they know me best, or at least accept me above all, and we're all adopted anyhow, so let it be said, no matter how you don't get along, your family should be the closest human bond you have in life, I hope they know and appreciate the same! 
Broken families just shouldn't be, everyone should grow up with love and acceptance, we all have our own quirks we can't solve.

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