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The Broadwell Conspiracy

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See what I did there?

Rumors were flying so fast & furious that in this month's Maximum PC magazine they editorialized and published that Intel responded to a firestorm of rumors even I seemingly fell for, that CPU sockets were going away soon in favor of all in one designs, which doesn't bode well on a number of fronts.


Well, good news is Intel is denouncing the rumors as false, there will be sockets on motherboards (and individual CPUs sold) for the foreseeable future, whatever THAT is! (again, there is lingering doubt on a forthcoming change)

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As reported, motherboards WITHOUT CPUs soldered to them will still be a viable product for the next few years, the foreseeable future. How obvious to a supposed PC modder do I have to be?


Point being, if you're a system builder, you can opt for the matchup you feel best suits you, like picking your HDD size and type, or OS for that matter, or how much RAM. If Intel had done away with that, each mobo would have a set RAM type and CPU speed as an example.


Broadwell/Intel's integrated graphics will be the best they've ever been, that's why I'm going to invest in one as soon as I can afford next year's systems

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