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Two New GTAV Artworks - Cash and Carry


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Rockstar has released two new artworks tonight, featuring Michael and Franklin. In Rockstar's own words:

Presenting two new artwork releases, both glimpsed in our recently revealed official Grand Theft Auto V cover. This Cash and Carry pair of illustrations depicts Michael and Franklin getting things done – by sea, or by land.

Of course many other modes of transport will also be available to accommodate your travel needs across Los Santos and Blaine County on September 17th...

Click the images below to see the full versions or head over to our GTA V Artwork page to see more. Lots of different resolutions can be grabbed via Rockstar Downloads.

v_franklin_bike_chase_th.jpg v_michael_jetski_th.jpg

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We've seen 'em. Cover art official for the console releases, Wondering if the PC version will be different, maybe go with basic black with GTAV logo as before? haha


Anyway, Not too exciting, but there seems to be at least a trickle of GTA info still turned on, because the promo rollout was nearly stalled for month after month, after a near on year. I have to say, Rockstar should have at least done something similar as with GTA IV, staying out of the spotlight during development seems a new practice that has everyone worked up, press has centered on other games and offered not much more then what any fan paying attention online could tell you. This is not what I like to see, since Rockstar should be giving exclusive peeks to several gaming magazines as well as online bits of news leading up the actual release. Well, again, my point is that this seems unique to Rockstar's normal promotion of GTA in the past.


Image link;


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