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SLAYER's Jeff Hanneman has passed on

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I heard about it after work, but when I started was when he died this morning; 11AM


He'd suffered from a spider bite, and neared death a year ago suffering from a skin eating disease, had to undergo therapy and skin grafts. He had reportedly learned some guitar again, but sadly, unable to rejoin bandmates in SLAYER

SLAYER was featured in GTA, and as alumni not only of the game, but of METAL's FOUNDATIONS, they should be mentioned and honored here. May he rest in Peace, as his impact will be felt for years and years. Even if he was a true atheist. I'm not, and I still wish in passing, they can find that peace that Faith provides. Had gone through much to bring exciting music to the masses, and SLAYER stuck to their genre like AC/DC as well, and proved that this was a way of furthering your music by standing still, because if they'd changed direction, no one would be able to replicate what they did so well.




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He'd been apparently able to recover from a serious spider bite last year, enough to start playing guitar again. Shocking, I know


I mentioned that above I'll admit. I posted it on Rockstar's site and they responded to it, which is a first that I know of, but great that they took notice enough to sound off. They've been mentioning a lot about prior artists still out there touring recently. Those are the bands that earn their place in Rock history, since they keep on keeping on, despite any change in the scenes, and they know die hard fans keep enjoying their efforts.


Saw Cheap Trick was celebrating Live at Budokan after something like 25 years, but that Bun E. Carlos, their famous drummer was no longer in the lineup, I was sad to hear that as well. Though he's still alive, not sure what he's up to. 

Wikipedia has an entry about that album released in 1978

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Rockstar responded to my post at Newswire, but it wasn't a happy occasion for any metal fan, but reading over on GTAF, those guys are slighting Tom and Kerry there and I heartily disagree. If Dave and Jeff didn't like Kerry or Tom, or get along for those many years, the band wouldn't exist in it's legacy form. It's hard to say if a short lived Slayer would have it's hallowed point name remembered this many years later, but suffice to say, they're just as important as Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, and any number of A-listers! Motorhead, Sabbath, Venom, all the great, hard and heavy musical acts to carry the banner in musical warfare. And with that, Fight Till Death, CHEMICAL WARFARE!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!

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