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GTAV Character Artwork Wallpapers

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Rockstar have released some official wallpapers featuring artwork of the three characters that were originally seen recently after the release of the latest trailer. These artworks are expanded a little offering more detail, and are of course available in a multitude of resolutions to suit any device you might use. Check them out below in full size, or head over to the Rockstar Downloads page to grab them in different resolutions. You can also check out our own GTAV artwork page to see all the stuff released so far.

v_mft_th.jpg v_michael_with_money_th.jpg

v_franklin_with_glock_th.jpg v_trevor_with_van_th.jpg

According to Rockstar we'll be seeing more artwork in the forthcoming weeks.

Expect to see more GTAV digital artwork released as widescreen desktops in the weeks ahead, including official version illustrations of some friends, family members and other known associates of our three main characters

via: Rockstar Newswire

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