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No new missions

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i don't get any new missions. I'am now @ about 54% and the last missions i have done were those from the principal on the callbox. On the map i can't see new missions. I didn't use trainer only the weaponcheat sometimes.


My mission progress is:



@ Francis   66.67%

@ Gery 40%

@ Gambetti 33.33% 


All others are 100% and i have done 76 missions. I also called all my contacts and was out with Kate. In my mailbox I only can do stealing cars for Brucie. The last mail i have sent was to United Liberty Paper where the person is i'am searching for.


Can somebody help please.

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Perhaps using this checklist can help pinpoint which mission it is you are not getting. I'd take a guess and say that it is one of Gerry's missions (maybe Ransom) In that case sometimes you have to wait to receive a phone call before you can start the mission, calling them works as well, but you said you've already done that, so I don't know what else it could be.

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