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please help speech.rpf file messed up

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please help somebody

i messed up big  with speech.rpf and now i cannot hear the peds talking anymore. and worst is that i my installation dvd is messed up too  hoping somebody  will upload the file. from ''pc/audio/sfx/speech.rpf''. its not fun with peds going silently.

please help.


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comeon this site is named gtaplace and there is nobody who can help ? :/

u can split the file with winrar or 7zip easily into 500 mb parts or 1 gb  and 500 mb parts.

its just one file sad.png

so im hoping somebody will upload it to a filehosting site .

just right click on the file click add to archive and enter 500 mb or 1gb at the split to volumes column in winrar .its that easy.

lol even if i waited for a steam offer to download digital version it will take me a month to download complete gta 4 for that single file with my CRAPPY connection.. trust me its that bad and i cant get a better connection where i live :/

please  try someone.

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 if i have a pirated version i would just download it again wouldnt i .would i be requesting here :o

u people are thinking too much  lol

but i understand 

thanks for the reply

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