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Xbox 1 versus Playstation 4


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Alright, you've heard the gory details from E3 about Sony and Microsoft's upcoming game successor console systems, what's the user verdict? Is it still too early? I know there's a Big Brother attitude effecting the Love or Hate Em crowd and Microsoft lately what with their hard line stance on both price and software handling, I feel those without Broadband and constant online accessibility are completely shut out of Xbox One ownership, it certainly sounds that way!


Price will be $500 usd compared to $400 usd, and that also plays a major factor, but acceptance for PS3 built up over the years since it's actual initial release, and Xbox360 owners perhaps moved to own both consoles, which I suspected again based on price as well.


Sony has dealt with plenty of setbacks in their gaming department and they stand to rectify that even further now, with help from Microsoft! haha Seriously though, there are aspects about Xbox One and even Xbox Live revitalized that would be and should be appealing, it's just hard to ignore the negative in this equation

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Easy choice for me: PS4.


When Sony announced the price was 100 less, why would I even want an Xbox One. The 24 hour online verification and used game policy is a huge turn off, and an even bigger turn off is the way Microsoft handled the whole process.


Sony is doing all the

right now, that it is going to be really interesting to see how Microsoft will bounce back after this. One thing is for sure however I won't be buying an Xbox ever again, I made that mistake when I jumped the gun for Episodes from Liberty City. And speaking off games, for those still on the fence, games are what it will probably come down too. For me PS4's indie friendly environment and diverse catalog of games tops Xbox's first person-shooters. Quantum Break made by Remedy, interests me, but that will eventually come to PC (much like Alan Wake).


On the flip side PS4 has Naughty Dog (Uncharted), who are my favorite devs along with Rockstar of course. And lets not forget about Agent (the R* PS3 exclusive announced back in 2009?).


This map puts things in an easier perspective.

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I ain't getting neither at launch. Next thing you know, there will people all over the place saying the it isn't what they really thought and there's X problem and Y problem. No thank you. Besides, they cost more than 4 times their real value here (not unlike what I expected). So yeah. I'll have to wait and see if my love for Forza will make me take a side. (things like always on and used games thing don't bother me, I'm always on and I don't share games, not even with my friends).


Also, Forza is the only exclusive I'm interested. The multiplatform games, that's where it's at.

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