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Need a game save for pc

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Is it your new installation?

NOTE: if you have a brand new game installation (which means you didn't play game before using downloaded savegame), it is recommended to start the game, and exit right after the first mission starts. Do this before following the instructions above. This will create necessary files within the game save directory.

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I'm more familiar with GTA3, VC, and SA on PC then the newer GTA which is more demanding on PC hardware, but even though I kept and retitled saved folders for those older GTAs, I believe the best place is NOT in My Documents, but among the Programs section of Windows, assuming use of WIndows OS and it's typical structure.

Windows 8 morphs things in a new direction, but my use of Windows is typically where at most you have programs under 32bit or 64bit, if not sure, the second Programs folder is the one to put the most used apps/folders. They would be called by the system from that location by default

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Windows 8 doesn't change file structure (still uses NTFS as XP, NT and Windows Vista and 7 do) for your personal ones, should be within the ROCKSTAR GAMES file folder.

For saved files anyway, I'd be placing mine there, but since I used GTA on more then one computer, I slightly retitled the save folders so I could have more then one on one HDD.

Some links about this might help;





Read that since Vista there's been a change to GAME files in particular, and if you access the Start menu via some of the Win8 workarounds, I think you can find it that way, or use the newer Search system inbred into Windows, it should be able to locate all HDD based files locally installed, it should anyway

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