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George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY


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Since I'd not heard anyone mention Involuntary Manslaughter and I think the jury in the case felt the penalty too harsh given that basically (my words) it takes two to tangle, and George Zimmerman did have injuries that were caused by his attacker, Trayvon Martin, the verdict was that he was innocent based on Florida's STAND YOUR GROUND law, and it took roughly 8 hours over the course of Saturday to arrive at the verdict here.


I just was looking over the Internet when I heard that the verdict was reached late tonight. On the website constructed time line, was shown pictures from Trayvon's cell phone, ones that were excluded from court at one point, early on, so I don't know if they came up or not over the full course, but I had not seen them. One included him holding a pistol of his own, and smoking pot, which is a crime despite so many people choosing to do so, it's not legal for recreational purposes. This comes up a lot since 'medicinal purposes' is somewhat laughed about with evidence of drug use in GTA V upcoming gameplay reveal.


Either way, I don't smoke at all, so I'm commenting with my opinion entirely of course.


The original press about the case chose to show photos that depicted the two in different times and ages, and perspectives were clearly defined by what one saw and heard.


Both parents of Trayvon and Zimmerman thought it was their own child crying out on the recordings they heard, When I heard this I was taken aback, thinking there's simply no way it was both, it had to have been one or the other.


George's wife goes on trial next for perjury which happened in part of disclosing funds taken in by the website formed for requesting public help for Mr. Zimmerman, this was at the time bail was being set, and he's already taken in about $200,000 in donations from the site. It's believed it wasn't being spent though, this happenend in fairly short order. From February of 2012 to now, the case has run it's course, but the fallout is sure to continue



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The entire thing, from the confrontation to the end of the trial, was nothing more than a false flag. The whole thing was designed specifically to keep us unconcerned with the more important things going on in the government. People kill each other many times every hour of every day, and it doesn't get this type of attention. Clearly, there is something else happening.

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