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GTAV Online Crew on PS3 - Ndrangheta


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Los Santos will need a big crime family and we will fill that spot! We WILL conquer Los Santos and be the most badass and ruthless crew on the street

If you want to do big heists, small thefts, crazy races and killer wars in the professional “La Cosa Nostra way”, Ndrangheta is the crew for you!

 Mob Ranks:

 Once you are muscle you need to wait for someone to join and then you will be representative. This is how it’s going to work until everyone fits in the rightful place.


Our crew is only available on PSN and the Playstation system!

Who are you?

 You enjoy playing games and are very competitive. We will fight to prove that Ndrangheta is the one and only respected crime family in Los Santos. Loyalty and honor will be rewarded.

Crew perks:

  • Earn RP/XP bonuses
  • Persist rivalries and Accomplishments
  • Rank up within a Crew Hierarchy

 Any questions?  Add me on social club

My PSN: nandione

 Join Us: Ndrangheta http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ndrangheta

Allies? There is no alliance system yet to come, but if your crew wants to become an allied send me a message first so we can discuss it. Only leaders may send a message about alliance request!   



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