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Anyone who got into Red Dead Multiplayer at the right time found plenty of issues where most were an amusing advantage you could exploit, both for XP or to get one up on your fellow gamer, all in good fun, mind you. I don't expect much of the same in GTA MP since it's a different 'lay of the land' But, it should have something others might not be taking notice of, This thread is intended to highlight anything notable that you guys stumble upon.


My favorite was sneaking into building with no known entry or exit in RDR and climbing the mountain ranges to explore the outer most regions of the map far above all the other players. I am still amazed at all I saw and did there, since it's available to exploit in your Single player editions, but since patched up by Rockstar for all online playing sessions (done to their servers) Doesn't effect your personal copy of the game.

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