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Crysis Re-Revisited

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I just bought a used PC version of Crysis today, pretty eager to see how it works on some dated hardware, people who know me, they know I keep a handle on some pretty dated hardware. Most recent would be Nehalem first gen, 

Not Sandy Bridge, Not Ivy Bridge, Not Haswell, Not AMD64 Athlon II or Black ....etc.

Did just find and repair a Turion AMD64 x2 dual core, but this shares an enemic ATI chipset, not much better then Intel's GMA based one, but the computers I was repairing handle MXM optional graphics, in the second incarnation that goes up to HD4670 and Geforce 9600 cards, top of the line being 1GB of video RAM, one might think that enough to handle Crysis and GTA IV at least. Better if you have a newer Core based board using higher MXM laptop graphics or SLi, or CrossfireX, etc. Laptops even had SLI for the MXMII generation which I found surprising.

nVidia Titans have been outfitted in a quad setup in Maximum PC's Dream Machine 2013, but each card costs roughly 1000 US dollars, that's a very spendy Dream Machine, and it's most interesting to see single cards go up against current SLI or Crossfire and see what differences result.


Crytek Engine and Crysis continue as well with new editions to the franchise, despite critics wanting to bench the benchmark after they made a clear move to cater to console gamers, and seemingly continue to do so.


For me, I'm alright with shared gaming for PC and console fans alike, it's important to push both platforms forward

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