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Exclusive GTA LCS Info From GAME

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GAME, Europe's leading specialist retailer of computer software and video games have announced in their latest email to newsletter subscribers that they are giving away exclusive information on GTA Liberty City Stories.

The email (below) clearly states that by preordering a PSP console you will receive a free preorder pack...

If you preorder a Sony PSP Console from the site, we will send you an Exclusive FREE PSP Preorder Pack, containing everything you want to know about the launch titles, a PSP life-size replica containing special info cards, a DVD packed with footage, Exclusive GTA Liberty City Stories information and details of an Exclusive trade-in offer!

We don't know exactly what this information is but we are trying to find out. This has got me hyped up for LCS now and I've just pre-ordered a PSP! So I should get the pack in a few days, I'll be posting about it as soon as I receive the info.

Links: PSP Page @ GAME.net

GAME.net Homepage


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oh yeah sorry about that, I meant "brace yourselves". Remember in that old Dr Bean movie, after he had tampered with that electronic roller coaster. He says in a creepy voice "brace yourselves"

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