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GTA V Map Leaked?

Jezz Torrent

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I found a gif on Kotaku that apparently illustrates that the "roads" we're seeing on this map are eight-lane super highways.




If this is accurate, then this map is frakking ginormous.



CNet also has this (too big to post as IMG).




Someone superimposed the GTA: San Andreas map over the GTA V map. Not really sure how accurately-scaled they are, but it would seem to illustrate a similar scale as the gif above, though.

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Can't remember where I read it, probably somewhere in the mapping thread over at GTAForums, but they said the city of Los Santos (i.e. just the bottom half of the map) is twice the size of the entire San Andreas map. In any case, it looks like there is a ton of countryside to explore, and the city will be huge too.


I don't think players are really going to appreciate this until they get in the game.


And yes, to those who doubted earlier: this is legit, it's from the strategy guide. Rockstar did ask us to remove it at first if anyone posted it but since reversed their decision and it's now allowed. I think it had already spread too far across the internet for any sort of containment to be effective.

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Leaks are out! People have the game, just saw a few legit pictures.


I have tried to do the comparison myself by matching the highway scale. Let me know what you think:


Looks good I bet it would be somewhere around that, any smaller and the scale would be off because as of now, the airport is the size of Mt. Chiliad and Whetstone, thats a big airport (for GTA at least). Here is another map comparison this time with Red Dead and GTA IV. Presumably from the GTAforums.


Also this 3D terrain map is really cool, if you guys haven't seen this yet. So excited only 4 more days till the GOAT drops!

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I haven't cheated in regard to looking at leaks, but it seems they've still managed to get the jump on Rockstar 'official' with game play videos someone tried posting here, already pulled by Take 2 from YTube.


Why this repeat of events that happened in 2008 with GTA IV on YouTube before? Rockstar were supposed to be taking a corrective measure, we can understand Sony dropping the ball previously, but this seems a mystery to me now.


RDR's map and GTA IVs were compared to this one without the three major city locations of before, but I have to say, people are still homesick for Las Vegas as imagined by Rockstar; Las Venturas. I doubt a DLC can accommodate new geography, if they do move in that same direction, adding more stories to the location that is the key creative moment in the whole process of building up GTA (a major proportion is spent graphically creating the landscape map and populating it with peds and improved AI. Remember making believable AI for how peds act is not an easy task itself!!

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hm.. while searching for leaks on youtube i came across a 'leaked' gameplay video. It was several minutes long and seemed extra legit.


There were Michael and Trevor in some sort of a bank robbery in a snowy season. Could that have been true?


One of the comment said the both of them looked younger so this could have been a flashback or something.


Im not gonna post the link :P


PM me if you fail at finding it on Youtube. 

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Is it just me, or is San Andreas of old, familiar locations popping up all over GTA V? though not the same, all locations have something that echoes the original layout, I feel


Yes, the snow made it into GTA in a flashback scene dating Micheal and Trevor's exploits by 9 years ago in the game.

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