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Review embargo lifts Monday. 10am EST/ 2pm GMT

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Reviews are going to hit the internet starting Monday.



#GTAV review is publishing September 16, 7am Pacific.

- Jim Sterling from Destructoid

Grand Theft Auto V is out next Tuesday, but you’ll be able to read (and watch!) our thoughts even sooner. On Monday, September 16 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific (10:00 a.m. Eastern), IGN will publish its review of Grand Theft Auto V, including everything we think about its massive open world and nearly limitless possibilities.



I'm calling it now 98 metacritic score. This will be Rockstar's finest hour.

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Guys, I just picked up a GTA magazine special issue, on newstands in the US, seems it's put out by XBOX official magazine?!? Anywho, just looked it over outside in the dark, it had a Terry Donovan interview as well as Sam and Dan Houser included, but I quickly found out each of those is dated, and not too long of a Q and A, still, it's packed with some interesting stuff, not sure it's worth the 10 bux I paid for it, but still, wasn't expecting to find it, seemed the only copy they had.


It was reported that Terry Donovan left Rockstar North in the wake of the Hot Coffee scandal, though he tried to placate matters from within the company, the fall out was heavy and it effected long time staffers, he had left and not returned to the company. You can imagine I was taken aback by him being promonently featured in a GTA V themed issue! haha

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