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Will GTA 5 be the best Rockstar's game?


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Yes, its certainly a culmination of everything they've worked on this generation. The gameplay mechanics are ace, can't comment on the story yet, but I love the idea of having three characters. Its also a return to San Andreas, so far from everything we've seen Rockstar may have created the most fully realized game world ever, I think it will be their most beautiful game along with Red Dead Redemption. The three protagonists is really the biggest change however and I'm excited to see where the story takes them.


With that said I'd say Rockstar's best work is Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Vice City, San Andreas and even Manhunt. Episodes from Liberty City rocked too. GTA V has not only the potential to be the best GTA in the franchise, but one of the best games this generation. So yeah I'd say this has a really good chance of being their best game. :)

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Probably, yes, because GTA is the best IP Rockstar has says biased fans such as ourselves, we wouldn't be impartial as patrons of such sites, and helping to nurture sites like GTAetc.


I watched some of these leaked vids, like last time, not to spoil the personal experience but to get some better idea of action and reaction, what's possible, and a bit of the atmosphere we can expect. I got that, but it's also a lot less then we can really hope for, the expectation is HUGE. I saw a towing mission as well as some BMX stunting and flying. Some of the video just shows standard moving around or driving without spoiling missions that are key progressing points. I'd temper how much you decide to view though!


I think Red Dead Redemption is still a better overall game experience then Max Payne, but I'll be delving back into each, it's hard to go without the old west game land that RDR provides, you can't even get that vibe from Red Dead Revolver. Revolver feels like a real vintage style game, in some ways, older then GTA III!

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So far as a few hours into GTA V, I'm still of the mind that for the AI world that surrounds you, Red Dead Redemption STILL wins the contest, the animals in GTA V are no were near as lifelike, it seems they are carbon copies of one another, and stand out from the landscape as being rather pale looking, but regardless, the audio makes you think there's more around you then meets the eye, the lighting is vastly improved, and yes, probably one of the best features of GTA. More in the game's 3D world is familiar and unchanged, while some of it DID change, and doesn't feel like a real improvement.

It's those aspects that will bother me most about the game, probably in the long term as well. We'll see if that changes of course

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