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Le Parachute

Spaz The Great

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I think you have to have done the mission/event to unlock it first. And yeah if I remember correctly it's X on PS3, A on 360. There'll be a hint popup in the top left corner telling you this. If you didn't see one then you probably didn't unlock it yet.


WAIT.... They let you get the parachute from the very beginning but you can't use it yet? WHAT THE HELL? That makes absolutely no sense, but okay, I'll wait.

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I made a topic about this, assumed it was here in the general V GTA discussion area, Someone said to hold the button down for a few seconds, I tried it again at the top most tower at the dam just North of LS (it didn't work and I hit a railing on the way down too! ugh) since it's available as stated, from the very beginning of the game, as are other hidden weapons, health, and armor in the game, as was the case for GTA games prior. I mentioned the police station is the place for armor, and a cove inlet on the East side of the game where the water is, under the water is a grenade launcher available all the time in the game!


Anywho, I think I did manage this prior to any mission but only when I dove out of a helicopter mid-flight! Try that and see, it should work

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