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Insuring your cars

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I tried getting weapons and cars from other players, but I can see they're locked out, and I wonder, is that the same as insurance? I just figure anything upgraded perhaps, but a normal army helicopter was found on the street and I still couldn't enter it even after I shot the windows out! I wonder if people are finding the flyable lear jet at the airport or somewhere else? I've seen it flown a few times, perhaps the military jet was stolen. I was able to get the non-gun tour heli a few times, it's the easiest by far.


RE: the blimp, perhaps some pre orders just didn't get claimed, so they sold as normal copies. I heard complaints being made that if you pay for collector status, you want something close to your monies' worth. but I still feel this could easily be argued. Rockstar at least want to impart best value for the DLC everyone can enjoy

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xbox 360 add me: AdHd RyAn GtA


modded cars with nos 


entity xf

saltan rs

sticker car

4 weel blazer 



not modded but rare 

travors blazer



800 msp to dup all the cars and i got to pay for my car back from mos insurance 

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