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How do you get to million on GTA V?


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Spartan, keep personal feelings out of the forum, hardly nonsensical making a joke that's true .

If you go around the map, you'll be prompted about money making opportunities, these are part of the live event system of AI brought over from Red Dead Redemption, there are armored cars as well as other criminals who are engaged in activity around the map, you can either help, or steal from them, options that grew from RDR and GTA IV game play evolving.


While I'm not playing strictly mission based story line, I was enlisted by two NPCs robbing a store to be their getaway driver. I also scored something like $4000 from an armored car, my instinct for survival was so high, I don't even know what happened and when, just eluded the police forces in that attempt. The getaway driver scenario didn't go so well, I had to abandon the car and the two fellow occupants. The police also wound up relocating me.

Money can also be obtained off people who die in the game, it will show as something looking like a highlighted brick, it's a bit harder to make out then last time, but I always make sure by running my character over a dead body and around it to pick up anything that's dropped. There's no articulated hand movements for really holding or grabbing things, hoping GTA can evolve in some way to include that feature

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I'm not sure I like that minigame, the stock market is too volatile 

(JOKE, eh?)

JUST found this related article, imagine that;




Previously, above, I meant to also say that NPC found involved in specific events in Rockstar's game are called Ambient and Unique World events, in which previously they've kept a stat tally in the menu system, this is still more of the same in reality, but GTA theme based of course. These particular events involve you, or are unique in the character programming that add realism and diversity, aiding in the immersion and I believe, enhancing the AI also

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