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THE G4NG5T3RS Are Recruiting

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As the title says THE G4NG5T3RS are looking for members to join my crew on GTA V  ready for online mode.  

The Crew is called THE G4NG5T3RS and is a new crew which was formed in September

We are a crew that likes to have as much fun as possible and to try and take over the GTA world

I play on GMT time zone although I'm hoping to recruit a lot of members from a few different time zones I'm also looking for active players.

I'm also looking for people to be co leader which will help me do different things like help run the crew and also help running the website

You can apply to join here if you are interested at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_g4ng5t3rs

And we also have a official website at http://theg4ng5t3rs.enjin.com/



If u require anymore info please don't hesitate to send me a Xbox Live message gamertag peterthedrummer

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