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Will GTA 6 be better than gta 5?

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It's a good, safe bet by any stretch. The only time GTA has been a step sideways or backwards is when it's moved to portable gaming devices. Any work on the new consoles should exploit what they bring to the table.


Speaking of following up and creating a true franchise for Red Dead Red, it's mostly still in the hands of Rockstar San Diego, but the umbrella we can be sure of is "ROCKSTAR GAMES" to encompass all technologies on a shared environment, and despite talk away from new consoles, it's entirely possible they'll commence a new engine to build that's cross platforming on those two competing systems.

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I put a comment to Rockstar on Newswire about suggestions from sites, wasn't going to wait for an answer from them, but I posed if they listen to websites like ours to find constructive criticism from the actual fan base? I think it's likely they do a percentage of that, but it would help to get to what exactly we're hoping for from Rockstar regarding their successful franchises. They also mentioned choices made from within their hired pool of talent, not all of the decisions are based on the public, but I believe as well, what they try that works or fails to work in regard to the building process in house

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