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Scuba Gear?

Jezz Torrent

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You are automically given scuba gear once leaving a submarine or dinghy boat. Once you purchase the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove the sub and dinghy will spawn there. Michael also has scuba gear in his wardrope upon completing the game, but I tested it out and sadly its just for looks. I wish there was at least one spawn point for the dinghy near the Almao Sea. Speaking of things I would of liked, shame there is no seaplane, I think there is enough water in the game to warrant it. DLC?

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Is this the only dinghy in the game? None that spawn elsewhere, perhaps with scuba gear? I've been around the block (hah) and haven't seen another one, but could be one hidden somewhere I haven't been.


Love the idea of lets say, "Vehicle Pack" DLCs. Like some of those rides we left back in Liberty City, or even some of the better ones from the old San Andreas. (Vortex!)


I would love to see some DLCs roll out soon, any DLCs at all, but I know they're busy right now with the spaghetti entanglement that is GTAO.


An unsubstantiated rumor was they were thinking about adding the islands (burroughs?) of LC into the game as one huuuuge DLC, I dunno, like, off the coast somewhere. I'd love to have some far away place to fly to. :) I could actually think of better places to fly off to from Los Santos, like a little Hawaii, some 15 miles off the west coast? But LC would be more feasible since it's already been created.

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Maybe as originally planned for GTA IV, the DLC of at least possible new player characters would prolong the life of GTA V beyond the course of 2 that followed before hand, with Episodes from LC, recall Microsoft (MS) putting up 50 million that Rockstar needed in making DLC to give them exclusive timed release!

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Would love to have the seaplane & sea sparrow back. 


As for Dinghy in the Alamo Sea - I routinely take Tropics up the river & the delta to drop stuff for Trevor in

GTAO so you should be able to take the dingy.  On the river look for a spillway to the North of the waterfall.


I'll take a minute & confirm that.

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Okay, a few minutes. 


Just confirmed the dingy can take either route to the Alamo Sea & thanks for the headsup

about the scuba gear, confirmed to work Just after jewel store job in SP.


In Online I was surprised there was no Dinghy for sale from one of the websites & found none

parked around the map starting at the one Blur found in SP up to Palito Bay & partway down

the East coast.  At this point my Seashark caught fire (in heavy rain) even though I avoided

rocks, etc.  I have seen the shark one time, It would have no problem eating a Granger so it

was time to leave.

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I used the "RED" Dinghy the other day to take my Trevor character to the under water treasure location off the West coast, documented in an article of hidden GTA V finds I reported on a while ago.


I did get to the locale, but previously explored it with another character, the article mentions switching characters when you find it initially, and are able to share the bounty that way, all I found was a submerged weapon. Anyway, two things I found, you can increase your player's breath using the scuba gear, you can ALSO stay submerged in the wetsuit supposedly just 'sitting' there under the water, I found this as I was nodding off at the time, and my character had been swimming at length. 


I never surfaced though, pretty strange, I thought. You can easily change direction, unwillingly in most cases, just by changing your view underwater using the right analog. I find this a problem actually, since you need to have a bigger view as you navigate, but changing direction isn't conducive in this regard, it slows down getting to the location you have intended.

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