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New PS3 military style crew looking for operatives! -Black Ops Inc-

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The crew Black Ops Inc is now recruiting new members and it just might be YOU we're looking for. At the moment we're just getting started so it's nothing serious, but in time there will be a command structure and dedicated strike teams :) but for now we're just about having some fun and making some $$ :)




PSN tag: MaAloey

Social club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_op_inc

Crew forum: http://blackopshq.host-power.com/

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I will be needing a crew...I just want to make a good choice...I have no local friends who play gta online so making my own crew is out and I have no ps network friends who are playing gta so I'm screwed that way...so I need to meet some people who were previously strangers to me and become their friends...if you guys are up for that let me know...in game my name is "AXISIAN" on ps network it is "marlintinis"....I live east coast USA and stay up all night usually...

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