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DOLBY NR SR Digital Surround

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You may only know of Dolby from the analog days of cassettes, film Surround Sound, or with very little knowledge of his impact overall, I use in the title key advances he made in the audio field up to his death, Noise Reduction initially widely accepted with Dolby B, C, and then S, which was named after Spectral Recording, a way to keep high frequencies while squelching the hiss we didn't like as earlier technology set out to do. Surround also got associated with film, music, DTS, and THX but those only confuse the layman as they don't relate directly to Dolby Laboratories, however, it's because of their long standard of excellence that despite lower bit rates, Dolby Digital became the defacto Surround codec used in cinema and home High Definition broadcasts.


I nearly forgot to mention Ray Dolby's passing earlier, but it would not be good on a gaming and electronic entertainment forum to forget mentioning his historic work and his life's achievements that enrich our lives, and has for a great many years now


RIP to another tech luminary - giant



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