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Celebrate ROCKTOBER!

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How have you guys Rocked Out in a manner befitting Halloween? If at all?


(do you trick or treat anymore, and have you ever went tricking for real?? Versus going out on Halloween for treats)


There are occasional club events that annually celebrate this holiday with live bands performing, in Minnesota, it's often a tradition for one of the first Shock Rock metal bands, post Alice Cooper, that is Impaler. Formed in 1983 and still performing today! (slightly differing lineup) So, how are you celebrating before the close of this month??


Up where I'm at, can't get out now, but snow and cold wind moved in and it really feels like Winter's already here. Brrrrrrrrr!




 More vids of Impaler on YouTube


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Well, since I was out of town, and still am, Halloween was spent watching cable's SCARY movie lineup, Not so much rockin' out, but I did just stumble upon this older Classic Rock website page, Gonna include it here, though we all know about the game now.



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