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Battlefield 4 VERSUS Call of Duty GHOSTS


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After GTA V swept all records in the Entertainment business, and easily knocked Saints Row 4 aside, now comes some rather stiff competition in response, two more major AAA titles besides the GTA fan favorite Watch Dogs next month.


Sound off and hopefully we can give you further hands on when they release, and as well, follow their success in comparison to GTA Five....





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Watch Dogs as been delayed man, till Spring 2014. Battlefield 4 will be taking a piece of Call of Duty's slice of the market, so I'm not expecting huge numbers. I haven't played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warefare 2, and I have no plans on going back. But of the two Battlefield 4 would be my preffered choice.


Funnily enough Activision commented on GTA's success:


“Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success. We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title.”

Yeah good luck with that.

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As I was making this topic, a Battlefield 4 ad had just played on TV here, and I was actually impressed, over what I'd be expecting with COD Ghosts, it almost seems like Ghosts is just another offshoot rather then a COD title that's going or expected to be as big as any of the main franchise titles. It's in essence seemingly getting diluted as a franchise name sake.


GTA can be accused of going that route at times, but there's really not that many as the technology gets improved, writing the actual game code takes that much longer, and that much more investment dollars wise and staff wise to see major improvements also result. Tech on a hardware front is great, but the ads seem to just be saying that the freshest batch of games could cater to current AND next generation, and that means there's nothing truly tapping new technology if it runs on 8 year old hardware as well.


Anyway, There was also mention of the game HALO of course, that could be mid 2014? Not sure from what I read.


Taco Bell is giving away Playstation 4s before they release next month, Mid month, not too far off actually!

Just to throw that out here in timely enough fashion


Also, I did see ads for COD, more so then BF4, but the one BF4 ad I mentioned showed, for clarification, user on camera reaction statements to trying it out, and a scene in particular with a glass tower (high rise) is falling on top of a helicopter in flight, with realism levels as good as anything we've seen lately. That kind of in-game action is going to be appealing, bottom line

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Saw an ad for Ghosts that really steps up the game visuals from what I saw, I'd say both games look excellent if they can do that on the current consoles we all have. Either way, I'll always be a third-person gaming fan versus FPS, First Person Shooter (for those uninitiated), It's gonna be a tough competition since people still like war themed games, no question about it

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