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Photoshop query.....

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Any of you Photoshop fans or gurus of sorts?, I picked up two copies of PS used recently, the latest is actually C.S. 4 dated 2008, it's intended for student licensing, but I'm far beyond the school stage, graduated High School in 1986 and attended Votech in 1988

How can I get past not being a student and use it? Is there a patch or a way Adobe might let others use this, since it's only licensed to original owners, and supposedly not for resale, but it's in fine shape with an instructional DVD as well.


The other is Essentials 4, a bit older, pre 2007 IIRC, anyway, Not sure how many variations are the main Photoshops that people might use most, so I'd like to hear opinions on what versions you'd go with as well

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