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Game running slow


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A bit more on your spec, and add in if you're changing NON GAME programs and data at any time you've been playing. Take into account RAM for system memory and VIDEO as well, as that's not clear. You also should spec for us your processor. There've been a hundred and one Pentium 4s since they were first introduced, you do know how old the Pentium III is by now, don't you? haha


Anywho, Service Pack 3 should not be an issue, but all games run better with AntiVirus turned off, and the less programs that run at startup, and are running in the background, while you maybe unaware, the better. If everything slows down for you, I'd say run a fresh HDD format for GAMING only, nothing else.

This is always true, the fewer programs on your system, the more demanding resource software can run at top speed without conflicts.


Also, if you're using a video card, mention that, what type of slot won't make a big difference unless you try a different setup or are willing to shop for upgrades.

Online slow downs might just require you reset all connection points on your router, whether at the router itself or connections into your computer, try them one at a time when troubleshooting

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