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I found a site finally to stream a complete album in MP3 form without Copyright issues, I was leery at first because it's a Russian site with the ".RU" instead of normal dot Org or Dot Com found for most sites.


If you're an astute surfer, you know Russian sites aren't known as safe havens from Malware, and the like, however, I'm happy with what I found since I only wanted one track that was missing from Grooveshark and YouTube.

In this case it was Don Henley solo recordings, I have all his albums that weren't soundtrack singles, which I DID find on Grooveshark, but the need was to supplant a CD I'd already bought years ago, but missed hearing since it was stored away.


The Russian site is based on MP3 files, but sounds great to me considering even the location, it played starting at the track I selected, but played the whole album continuously as well. I'd looked for other ways to just stream music without paying, but came up empty. I'd include the URL but don't have it in my clipboard or memory, I've not looked into other artist availability, but so far it seems clean from Malware or things you'd want well away from your own computer (trojans, etc)


Being outside the USA, the sites like this Russian based one operate outside US law, but of course, the music industry had cracked down hard using all avenues, if you've still put off seeing the FREE DOWNLOADED movie online, do so, it's very informative though it centers on Napster in the USA, it touches on advances into the computer world of databases for all material that's usually artist's properties but still shared like a Universal library.

You don't see US laws making US libraries illegal, but to me, it's much the same scenario that exists from home based data terminals and servers Worldwide.

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Update, at the time I was on another computer and my recall wasn't working when I posted this, but I'd been in a habit of steering away from Russian based sites, at least under an idea that their websites had the most malware, but using ASK to find out about facts on this, one Russian site serving as a music hub of sorts says that MusicMp3 is one of the oldest sites and it's still around, this is the one I was using, however, want to point out that Google owning YouTube is also advised in the USA about different software solutions coming out and ones available now for mobile devices and the like, and in my search I turned up an article in this regard as well...


I've been using YouTube since the first year I was online, using 56K dialup on a site that is primarily large bandwidth files and of course, Broadband WAS around in those days, but far fewer people had the luxury




I tried some other Russian music sites, but unlike MusicMp3, they were not in English in a nice laid out manner user interface. 



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