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GTAFive Story < 50 %


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A thread for less then 50 percent complete, to allow for limited spoilers, Discuss how GTA impressed upon you with it's story line this time....


What you found best and worst aspects, etc.


For me, two things I'd preferred been done differently, Outside of being well done, and part of a twisting and winding story curve, the torture sequence again with Trevor that supposedly fit his character's physiology, I tend to think over-went the boundaries that GTA should stay within, Torture porn ain't my thing, it turns me off, basically, and you have to chose some nasty business tactics to coerce information in one mission, I just think if critics of the game are going to jump on anything, this far outweighs beating a prostitute for your money back or shooting at cops. Well, maybe not "WAY", but it's a real concern in the real world, how you treat your enemies in war time, USA policy, or any other really.

First thing with Trevor that bothered me is one of our favorite characters in Lost and Damned got a fatal beatdown when he was trying to make peace with Trevor, for me anyway, I feel Trevor's character is easy to despise because he might go off on you with anger issues, or he might not, you never know what his REAL mood is, and if that's why he might kill someone, however, the more real GTA gets, the more intense some of these scenes become.


How to play GTA in terms of scripting that's somewhat gentile might seem like counter-productive, but there should always be something redeemable and likable about the anti Hero element of a character your playing as.


The other thing as far as Michael's family, it's funny-dysfunctional, there are families as such where there's nothing funny to be mined from that situation, but I found it sad when basically his whole family abandons him, and he's left alone because he lives the life of your typical GTA leading man! haha Nothing unexpected there, but I hope the family element shows up more and more in GTA's future.

In a real-time scene where I went to save my game in Michael's bedroom, while Amanda is still sleeping there, I walk through the door and she exclaims "Don't you ever knock!?!", and I couldn't quiet catch the animation of the scene, it was so unexpected, but she throws her vibrator at the door as I'm already making my way to the closet (for clothing options), I was having a real LOL moment there, and I have to say, one of the funniest scenes of the game and it's not even a plotline script!

I hope Rockstar do more of this blending of scripted scenes and dialog and animation in the actual game play! Awesome.


As an aside with that, I think Amanda's a looker, I wouldn't throw her out of bed, but she really brow beats Michael! haha 

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My aching eyes thought you said Amanda's a hooker. (Sitting too close to the TV for 16 straight hours a day.) I was gonna say, no, she use to be, but gave it all up to be a bank robber's wife. :)


Does Part II of this thread mean you've progressed any further? I still never found an answer to my previous question. I'm sure it's on Google somewhere, but my skills have been waning as of late.


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I think he should work on fixing that marriage, but it felt like the "Bickersons" an old radio comedy bit from the golden age, where everything in conversation is a caustic comeback, a little like my sister who I jokingly refer to as the queen of Sarcasm.


I'm not above 50% no, since I did feel already that with spending a lot of time early on in the game, and making a serious attempt with just missions, some progress back to back before you can save, which can be a pain.... I was wanting to go back and progress my other XBL gamertag. I have one game save with just Franklin's earliest missions with Lemar. Even if you're playing the game fairly intently, you might feel a yearning to start the plot process over again, since your own game play I feel interjects into the experience as a whole.


Another aspect you get to in the game, Michael's son slips him a potent drink and takes his car in attempt to move out without further confrontation, Michael slips into another 'Alien' fantasy that ends with a falling sequence that inspired a thought comparison to the film The Big Labowski, but I wondered as well if there's some minor comparison to the Red Dead Red trip music into Mexico. At the time RDR was the latest, greatest, many people claim it was an epic moment in gaming, just from how good that song was and fit the mood and transition. Rockstar are trying to capture more moments like that I believe

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