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Have Yourself A Grand Theft Auto Christmas

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Wrote this as a nod to the recent modding escapades that made it to major gaming news sites:

I'm amused at Grand Theft Auto modders
New content delight
Bike from "Tron", an AK with some iron sight

Some 'swell things from Grand Theft Auto modders
Made my game crazy
From now on there's Iron Man in Liberty

Niko flies, and we're all amazed
Woody drunk and dazed, with Buzz
Shiny cars, like a fast old Ford
Or a '98 Accord

There's this cheat where you can change the weather
Or just troll the cops
Would you like to roam around an island map?
So why not do some Grand Theft Auto modding now?
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I'm pretty dismayed by GTA's radio stations, I was looking up "Loggins" a bit surprised to see that he is Kenny Loggins but just doesn't sound as I imagine, playing DJ to the LS Rock Radio. I know all those songs, but only a handful of the artists and songs of the other stations in Los Santos, I feel if you came to MPLS to sample radio in the Twin Cities here, you'd find there isn't anything being played on radio that's similar to GTA IV or V. I can't speak for both coasts, but I'm a real raised on radio guy for many years and decades, and I still wonder if they're trying to sample US culture musically or not?!? I dunno,  but for Christmas, got new consoles coming, more new games, I think Rockstar might try and compete with injection of GTAO events and download updates that might or should add to Single player as well.


I'm still hoping to buy the PS3 copy of GTA V, but it looks like Walmart is my best bet, will still be $60 for a standard copy, but PSN is free, so that makes up some of the cost I'd say

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I really like Eddie Murphy's major hit that appears on the Space channel

Not my favorite Hall and Oats also appearing, but certainly the band is known by most all people.

Kenny Loggins is on the iPod I bought, and oddly one of the interesting and best tracks features former Journey singer Steve Perry in duet, the song "Don't Fight It", but one of my favs I'd have liked in GTA is the Caddyshack soundtrack.


Pam Grier being guest DJ is kind of out of left field, but it makes me wish they'd taped more celebrity voices.

This is also the first time that DJ and co-writer Jeffery 'Lazlow' Jones makes an in-game appearance and perhaps most people enjoyed chasing him down to scare the s**t out of him!

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GTA V's music really hit the nail on the head with FLylo FM at least. The game is set in Los Angeles and people give Flying Lotus flack even though he's one of the pioneers behind the LA beat scene. Rockstar is being relevant, this music is on the rise. Instrumental hip-hop is one of the more diverse and influential genres right now. It's one of the only genres ithat's stayed under the radar for so long to finally get some mainstream exposure. Not sure how relevant the country is but I dig it, the rock is enjoyable, the pop is good background music, the rap is bumpin'. There's some decentish indie hipster stuff that can be good if you're in the mood for it. Decent jazz but GTA IV's jazz was of a high level. Expected a little more electronic music on the soulwax station but it's okay. Good talk shows as always. 

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