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Stimulus has dropped!


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A newish link about the latest update, Even though I've now installed and started playing my PS3 version of GTA 5, I feel I'd like to get into GTAO with someone I know and get the hang of things instead of flying blind, but I may go that route anyway if nothing else. So far I'm playing around in Single player starting the story again with the PS3, same gamertag basically.




I won't be getting cash up the wazoo because I didn't have anyway to go to the online section, but already one of my PSN friends says he's switching to Xbox for the MP aspect because of players in comparison between the networks. It's just been so long since I did RDR MP that all the 'running buddies' I would team with are off somewhere else now, and I have to see who's in a session I can get along with, which is a big deal, as you know.


I got some inquiry via Social Club, but didn't join any crew, and even though I got Max Payne 3, didn't do any of that game's online either. All in good time! haha

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I just started mid afternoon up to nearly 5AM, with a break to eat, Playing online to get comfortable with it, but I have to say, the things I see effecting GTAO are the same issues of previous online, you have somewhat glaring complete game screen freezes that are perhaps caused by people leaving or entering new sessions, this has to be dealt with I'd say.


People are already using hiding in building glitches that were all patched for Red Dead Redemption, so I see this as another priority issue for GTAO.

Around the time I quit, I was still playing the game and was dropped off Xbox Live, I rebooted XBL to find a prompt for GTA V update being required, could be Rockstar were doing this update for North America around 5AM? Wondering if anyone noticed the same interruption this morning??

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