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projector for consoles

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I had two projectors in the last 8 years or so, and before that one was lost in a pawnshop loan, non were HD capable, but I've opted to hold onto the last one, a SharpVision VGA from 1995, old, using BNC and VGA/S-video, composite input, but one of the best of that time, original list price was $9500!

Projects up to 300 inches on any good surface. DLP is probably what most projectors use now, was only on select models when I was getting mine.

The other one I sold was an LP200/250 IIRC, an InFocus, which is still around today, on the market, but at the time, I was unsure of that brand. Mine never seemed to work for me.


I never owned an HD one, but instead of hauling around a large flat panel, I recommend projectors for their portability, you find the right one for movies, gaming, and PC input, I'm sure you'll be happy with it

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