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Grand Theft Auto SIX

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Yep, soon as you know what you get from GTA V, the ideas for it's successor are already being tossed around. Most forums just aren't going that far to pick and choose ideas that are likely to be forgotten by the time we're all waiting around for a new GTA game,


However, there are things we can expect or hope for all along the way,




Improved radio is still a major WishList item, even with Rockstar proclaiming it's the most ambitious and proud achievement with GTA V in Rolling Stone's article, I feel it's really not far removed from GTA IV, which most people I heard from say didn't live up to Vice City or the original GTA San Andreas.


I concur in that overall, you were happy with more then one or two tracks on any given station, and this might be hard to agree with both GTA IV and V, I would say, you're likely to say 2 tracks or so grew on you over time, but as I mentioned, USA radio I'm aware of won't be playing as International a playlist as it seems Rockstar feel represent their locations, but again, I don't live on either coast either. I'd like to hear more from you USA players out there, what you think in this regard?


GTA needs revamping vehicles more then not, so we don't see improved versions of last year's models. GTA V is satisfying for new rides, but it also just cut and pasted some familiar rides, a disappointment there.


Location could still be an island as presented, but less in character with any iconic US location, or more fictional....would it really hurt the series to do this? It could, I grant you.

Animals in an urban or country setting in modern era times, it's what GTA V brings new to the table, but not nearly as convincing as Red Dead Redemption did, and had many gamers hoping to see just as much cross-pollination going from Rockstar San Diego back to North. I can see where there won't be a direct assimilation but they are taking away from what's been learned thus far.


The comments section at least here, they leave a lot to be desired, as most are really really wishful thinking, but more down to earth is the idea that if robberies and stealth, or planning are part of the mix in GTA gameplay, burglaries of homes could return, characters with different lifestyles and wealth needs, different family dynamics also what we see GTA branching into, as they mention with multiple protagonists, and having a woman lead are all real advances that Rockstar likely have thought of as well.

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