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Getting voted against / bounties in general


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Has anyone else had this issue? Yesterday some one had a bounty on their head.. so of course, like any other normal person I grab a heli (Annihilator) and go after them. Instead of getting a chance to claim my small cash prize, I find that I'm being voted against. Really? For coming after you with a bounty on your head.. nice. 


Any other opinions on bounties?

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Complaints have been somewhat rampant on Newswire about changing further difficulties on GTAO, fact is.

I'm going on it ASAP, honest, but I've put it off because I'm still enjoying SP gameplay, actually doing three playthroughs with multiple saves as mentioned before.

GTAOnline is the most ambitious online and gaming endeavor for Rockstar so far, most companies are just seeing that adding MP is part of the production for newer games because people enjoy playing with other players, whether it's open world or not, and it helps that Internet's more widely available.


The complaints I kept seeing were over people being voted in a negative behavior online context I believe, this was true when I played RDR MP, more then just being voted out live of a session for any reason, people could rate your gameplay and better yet, vote not to be paired with you in any future sessions. This is partly a good tactic, but it's flawed, and perhaps worse implementation since I was doing online gaming. 

It could be good intentions paving the way to Hell, so to speak. Changes were added that have an undue negative effect on players who are really easier to get along with then their ratings from other players would imply, because they have no say over these votes

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I thought better me than some random to take the bounty's pay. XD holy shit this game is fun though, been having a blast having you on board for online now too. I need to get a new mic! My puppy broke my old one into pieces. 


Yeah, way better than randoms for sure :P And same here.. except I left mine in NC. I haven't ran into many people that have mics, or they just don't talk lol. 


And I use the avoidance system and such. I ran into a crew who did nothing but wreck other people so their buddy could win, absolutely ridiculous. But I do rep people if I like playing with them and they aren't idiots. 

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I put out an invite as well, to both you guys, since I opted to buy a month of Gold, though I'll be canceling it before the auto rebill cycle, and opting to get Gold when I can spend the time. I was feeling like death warmed over the other night though, so I'm just recovering from puking my guts out! Sorry for that!


Offtopic I know, but I notice your commenting on current online sessions. I'm friends with Tripmills and he keeps inviting me to do online with him

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