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[Xbox] The Midnight Bandits (TMNB)


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Welcome to the Recruitment thread for TMNB!

The Midnight Bandits (TMNB) is essentially a secret underground Mercenary/Hitman group. We are a "team" of professional Mercenaries taking down enemies, and any type of takedown/bounty request(s), if it pays well! - Although we ourselves are not invincible to other "Mercenary" groups, we too are marked for death. We strive to protect ourselves as much as we can, when we can and how we can. We do things differently from other Mercenaries as some are one individual, or a team of individuals.

TMNB was founded in a descrete location in London, England as a private and covert "Black Ops" militarized team of soldiers. We had gotten ourselves into a spot of bother with two crime families who had travelled from the United States to London, England to "put down" our team. We however had managed to "escape" the families and keep a low profile for four years. It was then we decided to rebuild our team and ultimately become stronger than ever before!
Our ultimate goal was to become the BEST OF THE BEST having professionally trained units ranging from professional pilots, shooters, drivers, swimmers, and runners! We fought, we trained, we ambushed and dominated.
Operating only for GTA Online...

TMNB are delighted to announce we are recruiting new rookies who wish to become a professional Hitman!

DISCLAIMER: Please note, that we do NOT under any circumstances kill our own team mates deliberately. If for any reason a team member is to be killed by another fellow TMNB member, it should only be by accident, and not at all intentional!

  • Crew members shall NOT harass, grief, flame, threaten or attack each other.
  • Crew members shall NOT destroy each others vehicles, or so much as intentionally damage another crew members vehicle. (this includes but not limited to: shooting windows, tyres, deliberately crashing into each other.)
  • Crew members shall at all times abide by the rules and respect each other.
  • Crew members shall NOT impersonate each other, nor become violent or aggressive toward one another.
  • Crew members shall NOT steal fellow crew member vehicle(s) or weapons unless stated otherwise.


[b]Age[/b] (Do NOT falsify, be honest!):
[b]Xbox Live Gamertag[/b]:
[b]What could you bring to TMNB? Specific skill set (if any)[/b]:
[b]Have you added the crew leader on XBL yet?[/b]:
[b]Have you joined the TMNB Social Club crew?[/b]:
[b]Country & Timezone[/b]:

[b]Do you accept to abide by the crew rules?[/b]:
I am the crew leader. My XBL gamertag is "kyleice45" without the quotation marks. Add me after posting your application here.
-[ Crew Link ]-
Do note, if you do not accept the crew rules, your application will NOT be accepted. If you joined the crew even after being rejected you will be kicked out. If you attempt to re-join, you will be banned from the crew.
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What rank are you online Kyle. I see you have 5 people in your crew. That's as many as I have. :P

Nate! Hey, good to see you. Been a long time, how are you? :)

On-Topic: I'm rank 36/7 atm...I don't play like all the time, and unfortunately I don't have all the time I used to have on my hands. Work and gf takes practically all of my own time now. :mellow: But either way, I do have a nice 10 car apartment near the hills with 7 cars, 2 bikes in! :evil:

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