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Don Henley says "Farewell" sooner?

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A note if you like The Eagles and Don Henley as well, Don has put together a solo album that's not quite out yet that I can tell, but was set to release a month or more earlier. It's called Cass County based out of Linden, Texas locale where he grew up, it centers on music that inspired him to follow that career path as well. It includes original and cover material as well as duets or guest musicians, among them; MICK JAGGER!


Here's the recent interview I dug up;




Also, Could the Farewell Tour be on it's last leg? Once more around the World, then call it a day?? I hope not, but I did get to see them a few months back with returning original member Bernie Leadon on stage for most acoustic numbers.


On a side note, new BOSTON album in time for Christmas, includes BRAD DELP vocals before his untimely passing, it's been A Long Time, Foreplay! hahaha

Check it out if you love the Boston sound, comes out December 3rd!!!

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