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Make this car plz

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Hi Can anyone convert this car it's 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES from gta san andreas to gta IV to replace Comet.

I don't have an experience in this.

I want the color like this photos



Can You make this rims for it :





I found this URL :



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More friggin' SPAM, God, I hate the real Internet scumbums. Anyway, I wanted to request my favorite cars as well, even if Rockstar were to take it under advisement.

The colors for GTA V cars seems expanded, and very nice array, but I wish you could go with custom paint jobs, somehow add your own design touches, One of the things expanding in GTA V is having your own design check point race tracks and invite users to race on them, I really think that idea is one of the most ambitious in the series thus far!

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