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In the Freezer - Winter 013


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It's the first major chill of Winter 2013, but where I am in the Icebox of North America, we're just matching cold temps set early this same year! Winter begins officially in two weeks? Usually we get our early snow in October, or right on Thanksgiving holiday, so it feels late this year, but here's the MSNBC scoop on it currently. MS means it's part Microsoft's ownership of NBC, so you might see this on your Xbox console as well, as they did support webcasts similar beforehand





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Guys, how's this major chilldown effecting you, I had enough heat in my place last week, but I'm downright cold inside right now, we topped out with a high of 10 degrees, hoping for 15 above ZERO!


The lowest reported temp has gone down to 40 below zero in some Upper Midwest and Canada locations, and bone chilling cold even without the added wind! I hate this aspect of winter the most.


It's horrible. Let's hear from you guys, hoping to give some life to the threads around here, it's so dang slow for some reason. Cheers!

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