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An article about development, as we noted before, console specific titles, the woes of PC games available between consoles AND PC, as well as development time, cost, and difficulty.




This emphasizes the good news we've been predicting and talking about, and pretty much confirms the developers being excited about what the new hardware means for the gaming possibilities down the line.


We've been hoping and hoping Rockstar Games will go beyond just Microsoft and Sony as of late as well, and titles they might consider AAA, like Max Payne see a PC release, while Red Dead Revolver and Redemption do not, and now GTA is on the hot seat.


The article I just linked to shows that cost is a real concern, staff and work allotment is a TRUE concern, and the realities are in a perfect World, they'd probably support any system that was powerful enough, and had a history of user base demographics.


Anyway, as we hear more about the convergence that may happen with the new Next Gen, or any further titles changing status, this would be a good place to post about that


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