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FCC to auction 'up' and 'down'

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You know the great convergence to HiDef Television where the FCC were forced to mandate a drop off date and change over, and Government issued vouchers for low cost conversion boxes? In the USA at least, a good number of years to move away from NTSC and old tech tube TVs and broadcasting, now the future of digital content transmission means making use of the old UHF and VHF bandwidths, FCC is discussing upcoming auctions both based on the highest values they'd like to see, and lowest.


A CSPAN broadcast last night I happened across discussed this with various representatives in congress asking a panel about what plans are moving forward. The big issue is no price for Bandwaves/bandwidth has been set, so how long this will take is any body's guess, but my main concern is that the markets are also evenly divided, monopolies are avoided, and rural communities also see cost initiative and tech evolving for them on somewhat equal footing. Early on when I heard about the old UHF and VHF change over to digital, it was rumored a lot of that requisitioned airwaves would be used for digital content on hand held smartphones and the like, and while that segment has seemingly grown, not everyone wants it all on their small phone, I prefer a large screen and large sound any day!

I also want affordable cable and Broadband Internet, and more channel programming variety

I also want Ultra High Definition, all surround sound digital codecs available across the Country.


A lot of what you'll choose is based on allocation of these bandwidths and companies use and services. Some of the discussion is toward advances in all areas of telecommunication, which was voice solely in the past, but not any more of course!

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