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Still Crewless? Check Out Stoned GamerZ Mafia!

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Sup everyone, Stoned GamerZ Mafia is a GTA V crew that is on X-Box 360, if you are interested go to: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/stoned_gamerz_mafia/gtav

This is a crew where you can chill out or go all out destroying other crews its up to you. Our main goal is not just to be the biggest or the best crew out there, but also to be a crew that likes to just smoke up and game out, and of course have fun causing chaos. We want people that are active.

Some of the activities the Crew will be involved in:
* Free Roaming
* Survival
* Missions
* Heists
* Collecting Bounties, Crates, High Priority Cars
* Car Shows
* Racing (Some races will be marked, and others will be set up by us)

We don’t have many rules but here are the ones we do have:
* Must be active and play at least 3 days a week
* Don’t kill crew members that have a bounty, protect them (only kill them if told to)
* Must 16+ years old

With our Ranking system it is mainly how much effort is going into the crew:
NOTE: I will nominate a person for ranking up and if enough people vote for them then I will approve the vote and rank them up.

You will need to prove yourself to me and to the whole crew that you are worthy of becoming a Commissioner. You will need GOOD team working skills, trustworthy, reliable, an active role within the crew, are able to organize events and helping others when they are stuck with a problem.

Trying to Become Lieutenant will require you to actively contribute towards the Crew which may involve Crew events, Helping out with the events, doing different activities and heists. If you are a player with them mad skills and destroying everyone in your way I’m happy with that if you but the effort in you will be promoted.

To be a Representatives requires less than Lieutenants and Commissioners, with the ranking up on Representatives the only people that will be voting will be the Commissioners and I. Being a Representative means you are getting our name out there and finding new recruits, helping with Crew events, Helping out with the events, doing different activities and heists.

You know the drill just go out have fun and blow SHIT UP

To apply on social Club Post the following:

Gamer Tag:
Social Club Name:
Location/Time Zone:
Favorite Activity in GTA V:
How many hours a day do you play:
How Can You Contribute To A Crew:
Will this be your main Crew:

Contact Me On:
X-Box Live GT: Anarchy KnubbZ
Social Club Name: Anarchy_SeAn




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