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why do i have to keep installing everytime i play Gta V

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i installed Gta disc 1 on a usb and inserted dics 2 . Installed was complete and i played the game for a couple of hours. I THEN SAVED the game to my usb and then we i went to turn on game and play again . It told me install disc 1 . THis has happened a numeber of times


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I upgraded HDDs in PS3 and have used both USB and HDD at the same time with GTA 5 on both systems, sharing user account off USB, but install the game to HDD, best option on the table, period. Also for PS3, GTA 5 installed on new HDDs but once set up, my user data seemed to be moved from the systems I have to the new HDD once setup, this seems really strange.


Beyond user control but part of my experiments with PS3 repairs, I'm now awaiting a new CECHK01 drive to complete my second PS3 currently, and I did have to install GTA on the new drive as well as firmware off Sony's site via USB, needed for this particular system but despite that, it still restored the main accounts I had on my PS3.

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