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STAR WARS starts up again 2014!

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Actress Carrie Fisher let slip (CNN story) that Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are being tapped to start shooting JJ Abram's take on Star Wars, starting up another episode that begins filming in a few months from now, so we'll keep you apprised of all that, but you gotta be excited the original star cast will return in so many years to present an older, wiser take on the same characters it seems! According to the news, Carrie Fisher wants her old hair style that made her character so famous, her iconic hair bun, but in white to represent her age and perhaps a more regal appearance, they created something of a Photoshop image I believe. I hope George Lucas and some of the staff respected for their original magic help out to make sure this comes off better then the new Star Trek, it's more revered in the annals of Sci Fi!

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