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Problem in Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City

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Hi all i have proplem in ELFC when i start spcial club its start and i login but when i start LANCHELFC.exe it show me this error:
PS: i installed the new version of Game for windows live yesterday i was have old version but the game was work good?
an thank you. :)

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I have the PC version, but it demanded more PC resources then GTA IV PC version. I imagine you're referring to Social Club software linking local installs with the online.


You don't need to actually engage Social Club to play a localized game (offline most times), the main reason to have SC software included is for Multiplayer when available and to share the stats with other SC members

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Sorry about Mr. Spambot offering more useless posting garbage, Damn those trolls.


I have bought my own USED copy of GTA IV but haven't installed it just yet, I do plan to do that ASAP now I am getting TWO gaming laptops up and running in the past month (upcoming as well)


I don't do much online gaming other then PSN and XBL console though, so I suspect Social Club tied into GTA IV is part of your concern. I mentioned the key thing is sharing stats cross-platform, whether running the game or not you can use Rock's SC to keep up with all GTA gamers too

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